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Heavy Duty 2

Heavy Duty 2™, big brother to the TigerStop® and TigerTurbo™, offers higher maximum load capacity vs. other TigeStop® products.

For your heavy loads, get heavy duty power! The HD2™ offers 2100 lbs (952 kg) of pushing capacity. When no other machine can push it, pull it, or position it, HD2™’s rack and pinion drive get’s the job done.

When increasing production, you can add more stations or you can increase the throughput of your existing stations. That is what TigerStop® is all about. With a Heavy Duty 2™ attached to your existing workstation, you can increase your station throughput by 300%. With Heavy Duty 2™’s 2100 lbs (952 kg) of pushing power, you can also stack up material and process it as a pack for added throughput benefits.

Technical Data

  • Power Requirement:
    208 VAC @ 20 Amps, Isolated Circuit
    240 VAC @ 20 Amps, Isolated Circuit
  • Repeatable Accuracy: .008 in (.20 mm)
  • Motor Type: AC servo w/ optical encoder
  • Pushing Capacity: 2100 lbs (952 kg) w/ rollers; 490 lbs (222 kg) w/o rollers
  • Drive Type: Rack & Pinion
  • Working Length: 12 - 108 Feet (3.6 - 33 Meters).
  • 1 Year Warranty